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Let’s create a bright future for your company


Digital Factory Solutions

Processes and critical variables mapping, automatic data capture, status visualization, simulation and AI-based decisions. Thoroughly designed and implemented to assure your satisfaction.

LockeOne polisensor

Whether you need a quick Proof of Concept or to implement a sophisticated end-solution, with its multiple sensing and auto configuration capabilites, LockeOne is your best alternative for a precise and seamless deployment.

LockeSuite IoT Platform

A multitool platform to visualize and work with your data. Thresholds, machine learning, simulations and more to  transform your data in right decisions.

Custom-made Intelligence

We will work with you to -finally!- make your long-expecting products and services become smart and shine. No matter how complex the challenge, we will make it work for you, your customer and your future.

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Sensors - IoT - AI - Simulation

Future-proof your business with our Industry 4.0 solutions

Experts Solving Challenges to Make Your Work Life Excel

With a team of seasoned engineers, and decades-long experience in the design of electronic, software, electrical, mechanical and operational solutions, Locke will study your processes, design the right sensors and quickly deploy the hardware and software platforms to timely give you the data you need to make your company excel today, tomorrow and beyond.

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